Permanent Collection

there, here and over there: tales of abscence

Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa


Among the many large scale art exhibited, Mitsuhiro Yamagiwa’s work is osmething one only discovers from wandering around, in and out of the museum. His pieces are scattered throughout, in various intervening spaces. Each is small, and humorous. Fragments here and there seem as they they might add up to a common narrative of some sort, but don’t—a marmot, frozen in some Alpine habitat, or an icy exhibition room that shines at night—instead, they keep us questioning our acts of looking, our curiosity. Ever attentive to people’s movements and sight lines, Yamagiwa installed a balloon-like object in the ceiling of the elevator (which moves horizontally rather than vertically), as if it had floated up and been forgotten. A road he build by the concrete side conduit ends before the corridor, creating a deformation of scale and alignment. Yamagiwa has created an installation scattered throughout the museum, in a variety of media, from painting to objects to found materials. Visitors are free to connect these fragment points and enjoy weaving their own associations, freestyle.


Permanent Collection

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