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Apr 27th, 2013 - Sep 8th


To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Towada Art Center, we are proud to present flowers. Flowers have always captured people’s hearts with their beauty, and have served as the subject of art throughout the world. In Japan, it was long thought that the lives of people and flowers were intrinsically linked, as written in Kadensho, The Book of Flowers.

We have commissioned new artists, along with those who have permanent exhibits at Towada Art Center, to create flower-related pieces. The new artworks will be presented both in the museum and throughout the city of Towada. This will encourage visitors to explore the city in search of art.

The diverse range of flower-related pieces created by artists from around the world will transcend ethnicity, religion and any conflict between countries. We hope that the art will generate compassion among people and help us summon the courage to face the ongoing issues that stem from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.


ANZAI lab, Aoyama Satoru, Choi Jeonghwa, Fujimori Hachijuro, Kudo Makiko, Kusama Yayoi, Nara Yoshitomo, Ninagawa Mika, Ohba Daisuke, Ohmaki Shinji, Suda Yoshihiro, Takahashi Kyota, teamLab, Yamamoto Shuji





Apr 27th, 2013 - Sep 8th


Towada Art Center
Central Towada


Exhibition: 600 yen
Collection + Exhibition: 1,000 yen
Children (18 and Under): Free
100 yen/ticket discount for groups of 20 or more


flowers Exhibition Organizing Committee

In Cooperation with

Hatomasamune, Nanbusakiori-hozonkai, Impossible Tokyo KK, Sasaki Corporation, Color Kinetics Japan

With the Support of

Korean Cultural Center, To-o Nippo Press, Daily Tohoku Shimbun, Aomori Broadcasting Corporation, Aomori Television Broadcasting Company, Asahi Broadcasting Aomori Company, Towada City Board of Education

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