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Arts Towada Open Gallery

Mar 10th, 2012 - Mar 25th


Arts Towada Open Gallery is the an attempt to test the possibilities of art and bring new value and creativity to the area.

True to the mission of Arts Towada, which strives to hold exhibitions that stimulate the community through art, Arts Towada Open Gallery will join artists, residents, and the museum in a new exploration into art that centers around resident productions. This year, artist Mineo Aayamaguchi has been selected by proposal to hold an exhibition.

The name Aayamaguchi itself is strange and is based on the artist’s birth name of Yamaguchi. When he first started performing in London, he was always last to audition and faced tired, often grumpy, judges.
 He decided to place two ‘a’s before his name so his novel ideas would be seen first.
 He is still just as passionate for the arts today, proposing workshops to expose preschool children to art in Gunma Prefecture.

The artists in Arts Towada Open Gallery want children to encounter colors before being exposed to the typology of grown-up words and presumptions that tell children that the sun is yellow or that leaves are green. Wonderful artists produce the exhibition under a wonderful concept. The colors created, once installed in an exhibition space, are sure to instil joy in the hearts of the beholder. This exhibition is something to look forward to!

Creative Director: Kazuko Koike


Mineo Aayamaguchi

Born in Gunma in 1953. One of the first students of Jiro Takamatsu, Aayamaguchi traveled to London in 1974 and graduated from St Martins School of Art, London, in 1978 with a degree in sculpture. After over three decades in London, he returned home to Japan in 2006.

Solo exhibitions include Inner Colour, Franklin Furnace (New York, 1984); Outer Inner Colour, Sagamachi Exhibit Space (Tokyo, 1986); Kaleidoscope; ICA (London, 1988); Omotesando Gallery +, MUSÉE F (Tokyo, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011); and NSA noborimachi space of art (Hiroshima, 2009).

Group exhibitions also include Performance Art, Tate Gallery (London, 1985); Charting Time, Serpentine Gallery (London, 1986); Ryo, 5 Japanese Sculptors Abroad, National Museum (Singapore, 1992); One Minute Television 1993, The Late Show BBC 2 (England, 1993).



Arts Towada Open Gallery


Mar 10th, 2012 - Mar 25th


Towada Art Center


Free *Collection admission charged separately


Towada Art Center

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