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Jan 21st, 2012 - Feb 5th


The kotatsu (a quilt-covered low-frame table with a heating source placed underneath) is where all family members once gathered. Atatteko! is an art project that everyone can enjoy—from children on winter holiday to farmers passing the off season. Come to the museum and cozy up under the kotatsu, where you can create works of art with other guests and participate in daily workshops. All of the art made at Atatteko! will be on display for other guests to interact with, so come see the art and enjoy the warmth of the kotatsu at the Towada Art Center.

Dream Kotatsu
Send us a postcard with a drawing and description of your dream kotatsu.
We will display all the postcards we receive, and one will be selected as the winner to be recreated in 3D by artist Naotaka Shimamoto. The creator of the winning kotatsu will also receive a kotatsu trophy and gift from the museum, to be presented at an award ceremony during Atatteko!

Deadline: January 11, 2012.
*Thank you for the postcards! We received over 200 dream kotatsu, in all shapes and sizes.

Sewers Wanted
During Atatteko!, we plan to combine all the cloth sewn by guests into one giant kotatsu quilt. Please join us to create a giant kotatsu that we can all enjoy together.

Sewing begins Sunday, February 5 at 10:00.
Contact: Towada Art Center (tel: 0176-20-1127)


Participating Artists
Naotaka Shimamoto, Hiroaki Seo, Takako Susai, Toko Tanaka, Masaru Anzai, Miyako Numao





Jan 21st, 2012 - Feb 5th


Towada Art Center



*Does not include admission to permanent collection


Towada Art Center

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Japan Association of Art Museums

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