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Masaru Anzai: Yokohama→Towada

Feb 26th, 2011 - Mar 13th


The Arts Towada Open Gallery exhibitions feature artists who reside in or near Towada, or who have some connection to the city.

We open the doors of the museum to the talent of expression that lives in our community, and offer support and opportunities to share that expression. We hope that this exhibition will contribute to the revitalization of local art culture and encourage further creative activities, and that the works will serve to create joy and new connections with the city.

The year’s exhibition will highlight Masaru Anzai, an illustrator living in Towada.

Since 1992, Anzai has drawn illustrations for magazines, books, advertisements, TV commercials, and more. This exhibition will showcase early paintings and other works of Anzai in a space that visualizes his migration from Yokohama to Towada. Further, Anzai himself will occasionally be in specially built studio space, giving guest a chance to see him create.



Masaru Anzai: Yokohama→Towada


Feb 26th, 2011 - Mar 13th


Towada Art Center

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