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Memory of the City – Mitsuhiro Wada Photography Exhibition

Sep 13th, 2008 - Oct 19th


Memory of the City started with the idea of cutting out the memory of “the city”. The city of Towada, which draws people from around the country with Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge, has focused on exhibiting photos and paintings around the theme of “big nature.”

Memory of the City is focused on the central and urban area of the city and people’s everyday lives, chasing time and space through photographs. Buildings and alleys, festivals and events, piles of winter snow, the lush vegetation of summer—these are the landscapes of daily life.

As the city continues to change, these photos will show you both present and past landscapes. They are sure to recall memories of the past that we hope will flow through you and lead you into the future. We want you to rediscover the city that so many people call home.

Memory of the City features photographs by Towada’s own Mitsuhiro Wada. Some photos he had prepared especially for this exhibition, with others from years past years that have long been in storage. We hope the exhibition will go beyond ordinary artwork and become a valuable connection between the memory of Towada and the next generation.


Mitsuhiro Wada

Born in 1947 in Towada. Photographer, Instructor of Nihon University, College of Art, Photography Department. Instructor of Joshibi University College of Arts and Design. Member of Japan Professional Photographers Society. Permanent committee member of New Photography School Society.

Photograph collections:
Nebuta, 1983 (Kodansha)
Kitano Bourou (Northern Watchtower) (Aomori Prefecture, Towada District Clerical Association, Fire Department Building Completion Commemoration, Celebration Executive Committee)
Komakaido, 1995 (Towada City)



Memory of the City – Mitsuhiro Wada Photography Exhibition


Sep 13th, 2008 - Oct 19th


Towada Art Center

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