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Sakae Sugano—Hello Everybody!

Nov 20th, 2010 - Jan 10th, 2011


Sakae Sagano calls his works ‘drawings’ whether they are 2D or not. His strong beliefs and attachment to drawing that he developed at a young age inform these ‘drawings’, which function as a personal journal of his life.

His peculiar worlds seem to be endless daydreams resting upon a chabudai, expanding on familiar motifs that include a global assortment of package slips, empty boxes, salary details, and potted plants that were acquired at the fish market where he used to work. Hello Everybody! brings from Yamagata features his crayon and watercolor drawings, delicate copperplate prints and collages, as well as his Dream Diary Series 2010, which gathers the melancholic and vivid monsters that he draws daily.

His extremely private work draws a line between often hard to understand contemporary art and lets us reaffirm the importance of feeling intuitively as well as the essence of the phrase “to draw is to live.”

Hello Everybody! is a retrospective exhibition as well as a new start for Sugano, who, at 63, continues to draw at his home in Yamagata.



Sakae Sugano—Hello Everybody!


Nov 20th, 2010 - Jan 10th, 2011


Towada Art Center

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