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Feb 1st, 2014 - Mar 30th


The Architecture to Change a City

Towada Art Center is pleased to announce the launch of the Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa SANAA Exhibition. The museum was designed by Ryue Nishizawa, one of the leading architects in Japan today, and will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year. The architecture of Towada Art Center reflects the museum’s concepts of both “a museum open to Towada city” and “an open space for providing new experiences through art.” The building functions as a creative hub in, of, and for the area.

This exhibition introduces activities by SANAA, the architectural duo comprised of Ryue Nishizawa and Kazuyo Sejima, as well as projects undertaken by each of the architects. Around 40 models and drawings of buildings around the world, mainly museums, are on display. In an additional video work, SANAA also proposes an architecture for a new age and a relationship between locality and architecture.

Statement from Ryue Nishizawa
The SANAA exhibition will be held as part of the Towada Art Center’s fifth anniversary project and the Office of Ryue Nishizawa is honored to design the space composition for the show. We have considered the spatial individuality of the art center and have decided to draw upon its resting place and corridors, as well as its exhibition rooms. The exhibits will include Sejima and Nishizawa’s personal works as well as SANAA’s projects, with the aim of expressing the expansion of SANAA’s architectural world in mind. The format of the displays will be simple: models, plans, sketches, and films. All of these are tools which architects use for work on a daily basis and are the most basic language for architectural expression. By making use of these fundamental materials, we hope to show both how architects think and how imagination develops in an architecturally creative working environment.


Kazuyo Sejima
Born in 1951 in Ibaraki, Japan, Kazuyo Sejima received her graduate degree in architecture from Japan Women’s University. Upon completion of her studies, she began working in the offices of architect Toyo Ito. In 1987, she opened her own architectural firm in Tokyo and founded SANAA with Ryue Nishizawa in 1995.

Ryue Nishizawa
Born in 1966 in Tokyo, Ryue Nishizawa graduated from Yokohama National University with a master’s degree in architecture in 1990. He established SANAA with Kazuyo Sejima in 1995 and then his own firm in 1997. He currently holds a professorship at the Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture.





Feb 1st, 2014 - Mar 30th


Towada Art Center


Collection: 500 yen
Exhibition: 500 yen
Collection + Exhibition: 900 yen
Children (18 and Under): Free
100 yen/ticket discount for groups of 20 or more


Towada Art Center


Ryue Nishizawa

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