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YAYOI KUSAMA Singing in Towada

Apr 24th, 2010 - Aug 29th


We are proud to present our memorial grand opening memorial exhibition of Yayoi Kusama, a leading avant-garde artist in Japan. Kusama has kindly dedicated her large-scale, outdoor installation “Love Forever, Singing in Towada” as a permanent exhibit to Art Square around Towada Art Center. Yayoi Kusama is currently one of the most notable Japanese contemporary artists who command a wide range of international attention. Inspired by her childhood hallucinatory experiences, her paintings of ever-multiplying polka dots and nets that she produced during her stay in New York in the 60’s gained her worldwide recognition. Since then, she has been chosen as a representative of Japan for the 45th Venice Biennale in 1993, and has been highly admired by audiences around the world. As a part of the exhibition, art pieces will be installed not only in Art Center but also in various locations around Central Shopping area, turning Towada city into the powerful world of Kusama’s art. It is incredible to learn that over the past half century, Yayoi Kusama has been actively creating a wide range of art pieces in various mediums including paintings, sculptures, installations, as well as novels and poems. In our grand opening exhibition of her artworks, we will feature a range of her art from some of her early works to her latest sculptures, presenting the whole universe of Yayoi Kusama.



YAYOI KUSAMA Singing in Towada


Apr 24th, 2010 - Aug 29th


Towada Art Center
Central Towada


Towada Art Center

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Nanjo and Associates

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Yayoi Kusama Studio
Matsumoto City Museum of Art
Forever Museum of Contemporary Art
Towada Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Towada Shopping Street Federation
Art Channel Towada Planning Committee
Yonezawa Furniture Center
Urban Renewal Inaoi
Urban Renewal Towada

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To-o Nippo Press, Daily Tohoku Shimbun, Aomori Broadcasting Corporation, Aomori Television Broadcasting Company, Asahi Broadcasting Aomori Company

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