Towada Oirase Art Project 2015

About This Project

The Towada Art Center has been dedicated to conversations with the community, constantly striving to be open to the city while, at the same time, opening up the city to new experiences. The Towada Oirase Art Project serves as a platform for a dialog between artists and residents. Interaction through research and production provides insight into regional issues and a place for local experimentation to find new possibilities.

Funded by

The Agency for Cultural Affairs

We’re looking for your artistic eye as we collect photo entries for the #ArtsTowada Photo Contest! Send us photos of what you consider art, whether it be from the museum, around town, and in the Oirase Gorge or by Lake Towada.

Be sure to include the hashtag #ArtsTowada写真賞 when posting to your favorite social media platform (Facebook、Instagram、Twitter). The Towada Art Center will curate some of the best photos and introduce them on our official social media account!

Surprise and delight the world with new and fun points of view and you may see your work of art on the Towada Art Center homepage!

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The Towada + Aomori Art Tour: Mountaineering Edition is built around a series of experiences designed to bring you closer to modern art through travel, while walking through the unique nature of Towada.

The tour provides a rich array of experiences that can only be had here in Towada, including special dishes made using locally-sourced ingredients, as well as guided walks and workshops where you will be joined by artists, performers, and nature guides, all specialists in their fields.

Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge is home to a complex and diverse ecosystem that developed over tens of thousands of years and is unique in the world. In ancient Rome, art was referred to as “techne,” which is the root of the word technique. This is a journey that explores the region for just that, the techniques that give meaning to the word “art.”

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Supported by

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal year


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