From December 9 2023 to March 31 2024, the Towada Art Center will present an exhibition of work by artist Yu Araki.
Having spent his youth moving between Japan and the United States, with this vacillating identity as a springboard Araki employs his excellent visual language skills and knack for interweaving imagery to create movie, documentary and animated works dealing with subjects such as mistranslations and misunderstandings between different cultures, both globally and domestically; the relationship between original and reproduction, and interaction between the different types of gaze arising from looking and being looked at.
For this first-ever solo presentation at an art museum, Araki spent two-and-a-half years undertaking research in Aomori Prefecture. The result is a vision of Aomori today through his eyes: of a place shaped by human endeavor in the form of traditional crafts and customs, by recent historical happenings, and by major natural events that have transformed its topography. The exhibition will focus primarily on new works based on the artist’s experiences in the prefecture.