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Origata Design Institute Showcase

Nov 7th, 2009 - Dec 6th


Origata, or folding, is an ancient form of Japanese etiquette that wraps gift in clean Japanese paper. The book Explanatory Illustrations of Folding and Tying, written by Sadatake Ise in the middle of the Edo period, has become a so-called ‘folding bible’ that compiles the styles and rules of folding.

Origata Design Institute, which brings contemporary feeling to folding and works to bring awareness of folding back into daily life, is engaged in deep understanding of the meaning of its inherited folding practices. Using modern design techniques, they are attempting to work backwards and create models for wrapping, tying, and gift giving itself. This is all backed by an ambition for total harmony that moves beyond the boundaries of traditional and modern, past and future, oriental and western, person and object.

Based on data collected in the eight years since their establishment in 2001, the institute continues to explore the shape of giving. This is the first exhibition that will showcase the new era of folding that is coming out of the Origata Design Institute.



Origata Design Institute Showcase


Nov 7th, 2009 - Dec 6th


Towada Art Center


Origata Design Institute
Towada Art Center

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