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Rainbow Arcade Opening

Sat, Jul 2, 2016 13:00

Event Details

The arcade shutter paintings and Rainbow Arcade in Central Towada are on display indefinitely and can be viewed at any time.

Join us in commemorating the completion of Ellie Omiya’s Rainbow Arcade. After a brief ceremony, we will take a tour of the rainbow. Omiya will then use the arcade shutters as her canvas in a live painting performance, claiming flower power is the reincarnation of energy needed to breathe new life into the city center. Omiya invites the children of Towada to paint together in her performance, which is accompanied on guitar by close friend and singer-songwriter Yuichi Ohata. We invite you to see the city come alive and transform through art.



Rainbow Arcade Opening


Sat, Jul 2, 2016 13:00


Throughout Central Towada


All Ages


Free for all


Ellie Omiya
Yuichi Ohata
Children of Towada


Towada NPO Kodomo Center Hapi Tano

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