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Stranger Than Fiction
— Taking creation beyond location

Apr 13th, 2019 - Sep 1st


Many artists throughout Japan are currently involved in collaborating with regional communities, something that has come to be known as chiiki art. Since last year, the Towada Art Center’s Where Is Chiiki? Art project has attempted to understand the diversity, challenges, and possibilities of these collaborations. An outcome of that project, this exhibition will showcase—both in and outside of the museum—new works by three artists engaged in chiiki art: Jun Kitazawa, Nadegata Instant Party, and Hiroshi Fuji.

Jun Kitazawa’s latest project brings cycle rickshaws from his current base in Indonesia that visitors will be able to ride around town. When these exotic vehicles suddenly appear in Towada—almost like some bug or error—and start to become part of the townscape, history and culture will resonate to transform the everyday life that we’ve grown accustomed to. Operated in partnership with local citizens, this project will serve as an experiment in community revitalization.

Nadegata Instant Party is a legendary art unit that, since its formation in 2006, has involved residents in instigating unexpected events in local communities throughout Japan. In this exhibition, they will collaborate with local residents to complete a new experiential virtual reality (VR) project. Participants will enjoy the spontaneous outcomes, which will be presented as artworks that no one could have foreseen.

Since the 1980s, Hiroshi Fuji has created social art that he refers to as “operation systems,” which he describes as systems and frameworks that participants voluntarily “install” in society. For this exhibition, Fuji attempts the novelization of a certain artist modeled after his own creative process in collaboration with the Towada Art Center while, at the same time, exhibiting actual traces of this fictional artist’s work. Through one artist’s thought process, we might just get a better understanding of the realm of expression as it relates to region and art and its connection with social and historical trends.

We hope you will join us to see how these artists fill the community with the fibs and fabrications that are often the tools of the trade in art in order to bring a vividness and color to reality that is stranger than fiction.




Stranger Than Fiction — Taking creation beyond location


Apr 13th, 2019 - Sep 1st


Towada Art Center Exhibition Space


9:00-17:00 (Last admission 30 minutes before closing)


except for National Holidays, in which case the museum is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday
*Open April 22, April 30, July 29, August 5 & August 13


Exhibition + Permanent Collection: 1,200 yen
Exhibition only: 800 yen
100 yen/ticket discount for groups of 20 or more
High school students and younger: Free

Organized by

Towada Art Center, Towada City

Financial Support from

Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

Special Support from

Nissho Electronics Corporation

In Cooperation with

Akeyama Auto Wrecker Co., Tashima Flower Shop, Matsumoto Tea Stall, Committee of Minami town festival, Nakagawa Chemical Co., Ltd, Mama And Papa × Rain

Endorsed by

To-o Nippo Press, The Daily-Tohoku Shimbun Inc., Aomori Broadcasting Cooperation, Aomori Television
Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Asahi Broadcasting Aomori Co., Ltd., & Towada City Board of Education

Planning by

Kodama Kanazawa, Mari Satomura, Sayaka Mitome & Yuki Miyata

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