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Advertisers Wanted! Jun Kitazawa’s Latest Project, Lost Terminal

Fri, Jan 11, 2019 20:00 - Thu, Jan 31 23:55

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Exotic Vehicles from Afar Come to Towada

At the Towada Art Center, preparations are currently underway for Lost Terminal, the latest project by Jun Kitazawa, one of the artists featured in our Spring 2019 exhibition, scheduled to run April 13 through September 1, 2019.

Lost Terminal finds Kitazawa bringing the knowledge gleaned from his many travels across Asia to his research on the city of Towada. In this project, Kitazawa will commission local artisans in Indonesia to create custom versions of the rickshaw bicycles often found on the streets there. These creations will then be brought to Towada and actually driven across the city for museum visitors and local people ride and enjoy. This is Kitazawa’s way of transcending space and time to rewrite the fading and forgotten ways of life of these two disparate lands—Indonesia with its ever-changing streetscapes and Towada with it’s history of horse breeding, as well as the rickshaw as a symbol that harkens back to an earlier time in Japan’s history.

‘Ads’ Drawn onto Cycle Rickshaws by Indonesian Artisans Will Complete the Artwork

For this project, we are looking for individuals, groups, and organizations to participate indirectly as “advertisers” in collaboration with local artisans and Kitazawa, who is currently based in Indonesia. The plan to engage advertisers comes from the fact that the advertisements on the sides these cycle rickshaws, known as becak, are individually hand-painted. Local artisans will paint your “advertisement” onto the Lost Terminal becaks in order to complete the project. By advertising in Jun Kitazawa’s latest project—through collaborative art with a diverse range of people across countries and regions—you will be helping to manifest a new kind of society. We hope you will join us!



Advertisers Wanted! Jun Kitazawa’s Latest Project, Lost Terminal


Fri, Jan 11, 2019 20:00 - Thu, Jan 31 23:55


Towada Art Center
Throughout Central Towada

Participant Requirements

– Individuals, groups, and organizations welcome (regardless of size)
– Application deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019 23:55
– Ad Run Dates: Saturday April 13, 2019 – Sunday September 1, 2019
– Ad Area: Towada Art Center and Downtown Towada

Application Process

1. Please purchase an advertisement ticket on and send your advertisement’s text and design via the form.
2. We will contact you upon confirmation of your application.
3. After confirming your advertisement’s text and design, it will be sent to the local craftsmen in Indonesia.
4. Your ad will be debuted at the exhibition opening! (And all “advertisers” will receive an invitation to the exhibition!)

Vehicle Types and Ad Sizes: Capacity and Pricing

There are four types of vehicles!
Sepeda, Gerobak, Becak, and Andong!

SEPEDA – decorated bicycle with small text ad
5,000 yen / ad (limited to 20 spaces)
*1 Exhibition Invitation

GEROBAK – decorated tricycle with medium text ad
10,000 yen / ad (limited to 15 spaces)
*2 Exhibition Invitations

BECAK – decorated tricycle rickshaw with large text + illustration ad
30,000 yen / ad (limited to 12 spaces)
*5 Exhibition Invitations

ANDONG – decorated wagon with extra large text + illustration ad
100,000 yen / ad (limited to one space)
*10 Exhibition Invitations and an unlimited exhibition passport for the advertiser

Small text ad

Medium text ad

Large text ad + illustration

Extra large text ad + illustration | original illustration drawn on a 4-meter-long carriage.

Reference image: Indonesian “ANDONG” carriage

Sample Images

[Sample 1 – Individual Ad]
BECAK – decorated tricycle rickshaw with large text + illustration ad
Ad text: ‘Mt. Fuji’ (富士山)
Ad illustration: ‘Mt. Fuji scenery’

[Sample 2 – Group Ad]
BECAK – decorated tricycle rickshaw with large text + illustration ad
Ad illustration: ‘Towada Art Center exterior’

Ad Info

– Ad text can include kanji, hiragana, katakana, and the latin alphabet. Text layout will be decided on by the artisans in Indonesia.
– Simple phrases like a product name, store name, or organization name will yield the best results.
– For illustrations, flat patterns are possible, but landscape scenery will look most authentic.

Individuals are More Than Welcome!
On the vehicles in Indonesia, one often comes across advertorial messages from their drivers in addition to ordinary ones.

For example, the word “LANTARAN” shown in the large text + illustration ad above means “so.” “So”? What does that mean? Words such as “MATAHARI” (sun) and “SEMANGAT” (fight) and other vehicle-specific words like “PELAN PELAN” (slowly) and “WIRA WIRI” (left right) are also often seen on these cycle rickshaws. If you are an individual who doesn’t have a store or company name to advertise, please consider submitting a “word advertisement.”


– This project is an experimental, collaborative art production that is based on the premise of advertising and is not intended to deliver the same results as normal advertisements.
– Ad spaces are first come first serve. If ad spaces are full, your application may be rejected.
– We will accept as many applications as possible, but if an application is deemed to be inappropriate, we may refuse it after informing the person who made the submission.
– Ads will be hand-painted by craftsmen in Indonesia and may not perfectly match the image you submit.
– The ownership of the work, including the advertisements, belongs to the artist. As an “advertiser” you are entitled to (1) your advertisement displayed on the artwork, and (2) your advertisement on public display in the city of Towada during the exhibition period.
– The number of ad spaces is subject to change.
– Advertisements will only be displayed during the exhibition period.
– Advertisements are part of the artwork and cannot be given back to the advertisers after the exhibition.
– The number of exhibition invitations given to advertisers is based on their advertisement size.
– Tickets purchased through are non-transferable.
After confirming the above notes, we hope that you will choose to join us in this exciting “advertising” project with artisans from afar.

How to Apply

Follow the link: Advertisers Wanted! Jun Kitazawa’s Latest Project — LOST TERMINAL
click here for more information on how to purchase a ticket.

Contact Info

Towada Art Center
Tel: +81(0)176-20-1127

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