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Oiwa Euske: P in case

Fri, Jul 1, 2022 - Sun, Sep 4


From July 2022 onward, the Towada Art Center will repurpose space—an empty building transformed into a white cube by the art collective 目 [mé]—to serve as a satellite venue for introducing the works of emerging artists. Installation artist Oiwa Euske kicks off the inaugural showing from July 1, to September 4, with a solo exhibition.

Oiwa wears many hats, working as a researcher, writer, curator, and artist who creates works on multi-layered spaces and language as it exists in story and script. While his main areas of interest are narrative theory, the philosophy of language, fiction research, and game studies, Oiwa’s works are installations in the truest sense of the word, incorporating unique perspectives on the language of drama, storytelling, comic manzai dialogue, and horror into physical spaces and presenting them as spatial artworks that possess a distinctive sense of time.

To set the stage for his first exhibition at a museum, Oiwa carefully observes the nature of space as created by 目 [mé], as well as the surrounding space that is the city of Towada, and finds room to play with his prevailing interests in drama, audience behavior and movement, and the framework of the art exhibition. Like some kind of play on words, the exhibition will manipulate space and spill out into the city of Towada, stirring a sense of paranoiac imagination in its viewer.

image: P in case
Visual Design: Kitaoka Seigo




Oiwa Euske: P in case


Fri, Jul 1, 2022 - Sun, Sep 4


space (Towada Art Center Satellite Venue)

18-20 Nishi Sanbancho, Towada, 034-0083

Opening hours

10:00 ‒ 17:00
Closed every Mondays (Except for National Holidays, in which case the art center will close next day) 



Organized by

Towada Art Center

Supported by

Asahi Broadcasting Aomori Co., Ltd., Aomori Broadcasting Corporation, Aomori Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., The Daily-Tohoku Shimbun Inc., The To-o Nippo Press, and Towada City Board of Education


Nakagawa Chieko


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