Permanent Collection

Cause and Effect

Do Ho Suh


Do Ho Suh’s enormous work is displayed in the museum’s largest exhibition space, with a nine meter high ceiling. This beautiful diaphanous work is composed of tens of thousands of red, orange, and transparent piggy-backing resin figurines suspended from the ceiling in a radial array. Sparkling like a chandelier under the lighting, the work gives us a feeling of the splendor of life, while at the same time expressing a metempsychosic conception—that life and death are merely two sides of the same coin—endlessly cycling back and forth in an eternal and unbroken line. Filling the aperture window facing the street, this exhibition room symbolizes the concept of the Towada Art Center; that art opens to the city. Do Ho is an artist active internationally, known for his dynamic style, an artist who often uses audacious volumes of similar pieces. Notable works include vast numbers of small figures holding up a glass floor, a stainless steel statue pulling countless red threads, and reproductions of personal architectural works using transparent textiles.


Permanent Collection

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