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Flower Horse

CHOI Jeonghwa

Artwork Details

 One of Japan’s most beautiful and historical boulevards, Kanchogai Avenue, commonly called Koma Kaido, or Horse Highway, was until the end of World War Two the site of a warhorse supply center for the Imperial Ministry of War. Clad in flowers and exhibited in the exterior “event space” adjoining this boulevard, Choi’s monumental horse aligns with the long historical relationship between Towada and the horse, the seasonal changes in flowers blossoming along this street, and the future prosperity of the city. Its imposing 5.5-meter height and vivid coloring create a bold contrast against the white, minimalist architecture of the museum.
 With an international career in fields as various as art direction and interior design, Choi creates dynamic and extraordinary pieces inspired by daily life. Choi’s work uses motifs intrinsic to Korean culture, and images commonly found around the city, humorously highlighting aspects of life that would usually pass unnoticed.

Photo: Oyamada Kuniya



Permanent Collection

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