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Flying Man and Hunter


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 The Towada Art Center galleries are dotted around like houses in a village, and in the exterior spaces between the buildings too, we find artworks exhibited, in unexpected forms.
 Morikita Shin has installed a pair of sculptures consisting of two human figures, within a slit-like triangular space evocative of some kind of urban canyon. One figure has arms and legs thrust out, pressed between the buildings, as though comically flying in the sky. The other, in a humorous pose, watches from a bridge above, as if trying to rescue the first, or perhaps to mock him. This piece, which visitors may not even notice if they don’t look up, therefore simultaneously involves the ever-changing
faces of the sky and the whiteness of the buildings, and encourages us to revel in our dynamic world. It was composed by welding together small scraps of black iron plate, which present differently according to variations in the light.
 Morikita is active in a number of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and installations, in each inviting viewers into his unique and mysterious realm.

Photo: Iwasaki Mami



Permanent Collection

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