Art Square and Neighborhood

Love Forever, Singing in Towada


Artwork Details

 A Part of the lawn in Art Square is covered in colorful polka-dot patterns. Here one finds a cluster of eight sculptures with polka-dot and net patterns. Together they constitute Love Forever, Singing in Towada, and include several of Kusama Yayoi’s ubiquitous motifs: pumpkin, girl, dog, and mushroom. The outdoor installation created by Kusama on this time occasion is of unprecedented size for the artist. The sculpture of a girl, named Hanako-chan of Towada, looks resolutely straight ahead and appears brimming with energy. She also seems to be singing her heart out in the middle of the spotted field. As such she is the embodiment of Yayoi Kusama herself, who continues to apply her pure, unrestricted spirit to the act of creating.
 Another of the sculptures is a giant pumpkin, inside which seven colored beams flicker in the darkness, these rays of light surrounding the viewer, inviting them into an ever-proliferating world.
 The colorful creativity of Kusama’s art infuses it with eternal life and crosses all boundaries to make Towada a livelier, more playful, and vibrant place.

Photo: Oyamada Kuniya



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