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RR Haiku 061


Artwork Details

 Rafaël Rozendaal’s artwork is inspired by the structure of the internet and the visual layout of the browser window. Presented as websites, his artworks are available for anyone to access at any time.

 Rozendaal’s Haiku series is a series of English-language haiku written by Rozendaal and was sparked by his interest in Japanese poetry. He says he was attracted to the enduring power of haiku poetry and the way in which poems are not bound by materiality and how words are able to move freely between physical and digital realities on the web. His Haiku series diverges from the rules of traditional Japanese haiku in that the poems merely consist of three-line phrases without regard to the number of syllables. The words are laid out as if you were opening a book, with five different colored backgrounds appearing at random irrespective of the poetry.


Permanent Collection

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