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Fragments of Color Cubes


Artwork Details

 The white cube composition of the art center appears to shift dramatically between sunset and nine o’clock each night, thanks to the power of Takahashi Kyota’s light art. Colorful light is projected onto each wall, and changes, moment by moment, creating incredibly beautiful, ephemeral effects that seem not quite of this world. In framing this piece, Takahashi focused on the composite planes, rather than the cubic volumes, of the buildings. It is almost as if he has disassembled the museum’s three-dimensional architecture, and reassembled it two-dimensionally. The way the light surfaces shift weightlessly over time constitutes a new form of expression that could be described as light architecture. To control the changes in light, the artist has applied the fluctuating patterns of fluid surfaces, successfully giving the work an organic aura almost like breathing. This piece has become part of the Towada nightscape, offering changes of color for every season, and every event.
 Takahashi has created many pieces that develop a dramaturgy of space using light and moving images, and also frequently collaborates on music and dance projects internationally.

Photo : Kitamura Mitsutaka



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