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On Clouds (Air-Port-City)

Tomas Saraceno


Oscillating between the fields of art and architecture, Tomas Saraceno’s ongoing project, Air-Port-City, is a visionary place. These networks of habitable structures are based upon the possibility of floating in the air as it they were clouds—light and dynamic, in constant transformation. He has a vision of social reorganization that transcends the common boundaries of nationality, rationality, and property. It is a vision that reveals how unstable our world and the categories we use to describe it really are. The exhibited work, On Clouds, is a floating space made up of airpillows joined in a network of webbing. This inhabitable structure invites you to explore it from different perspectives.


Tomas Saraceno (Argentina)

Born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, in 1973. Graduated from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. Lives and works in between and beyond the planet earth.

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