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Sumpf Land

Takashi Kuribayashi


Takashi Kuribayashi created two different worlds in one exhibition room. What he proposes in this work, entitled Sumpf Land, or “marshland” in German, is the “boundary phase” of two worlds. His work has long dealt in this “boundary” theme with installations which integrate different spaces in the same installations, such as bisecting walls or extending through roofs. Boundaries, of course, include more than obvious national borders, and originate in our minds, in the implicit preconceptions which shackle our thinking. The larger intention of his work is to provoke different perspectives on things, to suggest new ways of looking at things. Kuribayashi is an avid diver and marine sportsman, and these experiences of communing with nature provide an important background for this work, both in that he often uses water and living, changing materials found in nature. Here Kuribayashi is attempting something new to the museum experience, namely, a space that is literally alive, and will grow. The result is, in his words, “a work that keeps changing and growing, defying common wisdom.” It is “a work that will offer different aspects for each season, one that gives viewers different experiences and inspirations.” In the attic which the seal peeks into unfolds a world full of surprise, which can only be experienced here.


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