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UNTITLED / Dead Snow World Systems

Børre Sæthre


Passing through a glass sky walkway, you encounter an installation by Børre Sæthre. Approaching the entrance, the door slides open automatically, and a space composed in all white appears. Entering the room, the door closes behind you, and you are drawn into Sæthre’s world. Inside the installation, the soft shaped room gives odd resemblances to spaceship-like interiors. The installation features elements like white acrylic panels, reflections from a huge mirror ball, and a soundtrack with “reconstructed recordings” of aurora borealis (the northern lights). Monitors showing electronic signals created with noise CRTs*, and on the floor a white furry animal is posing with a vaguely suggestive gesture. Inspired by classical psychological sci-fi movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris, Sæthre produces spatial artworks which accompany the narrative dimensions of his creative universe. Entering into the world of his artwork is like a journey through his imaginative tales, and clues are found throughout the installation. Preferring stories without clear plot lines, Sæthre says he’s obsessed with uncanniness and the inexplicably surreal. His work comprises a certain retro deja-vu sensibility.

*cathode ray tubes


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