Permanent Collection

Bridge of Light

Ana Laura Aláez


Visitors ascend the stairs into a neon-lit hexagonal tunnel. Thus, they enter a spatial composition of light, sound and glass, a multi-sensory experience. The shape of the tunnel takes the backbone as its motif, and foregrounds the corporeality of the work. Inside, enveloped in cozy calming sounds and lighting, a spiritual and meditative world unfolds. Through a window in the back of the work, one can see the world outside, and from the outside one can also observe what’s happening inside as well. Showing different aspects in day and night viewings, this Bridge of Light also highlights the connections between the world outside with the imaginative interiority of the artist. The work of Aláez is an artwork of space, which intermediates between sculpture and architecture, an artwork available to be touched and entered, rather than art which is sculptural or painterly, neatly designing exhibition rooms. She once created a club space filled with colorful light, within a museum, as an art piece. She states that there is no border between art and life. She takes inspiration from fashion and music, and deals in free and transcending expressions, regardless of expressive medium, whether it’s photography, moving image, or music.


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