Permanent Collection

Fragments of Color Cubes

Kyota Takahashi


The white cube composition of the museum form appears to shift dramatically from sunset to 9 o’clock each evening by the power of Kyota Takahashi’s light art. Colorful lights are projected directly onto each wall, and change every moment, creating incredibly beautiful ephemeral aspects that seem not quite of this world. While framing this piece, Takahashi focused on the composite planes, rather than the cubic volume of the buildings. It’s almost as if he has dis-assembled the museum’s 3D architecture and reassembled it in 2D. The way the light surfaces weightlessly shift over time is a new expression in light architecture. In controlling the changes in light, the artist has applied fluctuation patterns of fluid surfaces, and the result successfully adds an organic mood, almost like breathing. This piece has become the new night evening-scape for Towada, providing changes of color for every season, for every event. Takahashi has created many pieces which develop a dramaturgy of space using light and moving images. He also actively collaborates internationally with music and dance projects.


Permanent Collection

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