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memory in the mirror

Changkyum Kim


In Changkyum Kim’s artwork, a series of images of the commonplace are projected onto darkish room with an aquarium, mirror, and furnishings affixed to the walls. Figures appear and disappear; one in front of the mirror, languidly grooming, or one in front of the mirror in a bar, perhaps a little worried, and here and there short scenes of a melancholic existence. Within the room, you overhear casual conversations, trivial sounds. Figures are cleverly projected onto the wall. The scenes and figures that appear in the mirror, and the fish in the tank seem real, but just as surely they disappear into the dark again, reminding us that they were only illusions. The real figures and virtual images commingle, and the viewer is made aware of the uncertainty of existence. Kim is known for his video installations, and the ways that they combine such projected images and existing objects, such as his piece using imagery of someone peering down a water surface projected onto a tub on the floor. His are incisive self-portraits of the contemporary human.


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